Princess Louisa Inlet, Jervis Inlet and Chatterbox Falls

Here are some pics from our trip last summer. Some videos also avail on TsawwassenGoBros on Youtube

Stargazing at the dock below Chatterbox Falls

Anchored off Brittain River up Jervis Inlet

Harmony Islands

Soda Falls near the head of Jervis

Supply stop at Egmont

Towering Granite mountains surrounding Princess Louisa

A beautiful morning breakfast off Freil Falls in the Harmony Islands

A stop on the hike to Trapper’s Cabin

Princess Louisa Inlet in the morning

Flyfishing one of the rivers in Jervis

Short hike to Chatterbox Falls

Our boat at Harmony Islands

Harmony Islands

The dock at the head of Princess Louisa Inlet

Seals in Egmont

The View from the waterfalls at Trapper’s cabin. The reward for the 2 hr 500M elevation hike. Worth every step!

An abandoned mineshaft near Earls Cove. Very hidden entrance above the tideline and filled with cave crickets

The falls at Trapper’s Cabin

Chatterbox Falls

Brittain River

Filming cave crickets

An evening at Backeddy Marina in Egmont

Native Petroglyphs up Jervis Inlet


Entrance to abandoned hardrock gold mineshaft. Material was barged to Seattle for refining many decades ago

Cruising back down Jervis toward Egmont

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